Uniform Information

All players are required to wear the Ponce De Leon Baseball League jersey and cap. Each player must have a white or gray (depending on your division) home jersey and a blue away jersey. Also, we require players to wear the blue Ponce hat as well. Also, please wear gray or white (depending on your division) baseball pants, blue socks, and a blue baseball belt. You are not required to buy your pants, socks, and belt through Ponce. You are only required to buy the uniform once in each age division. It can be worn during all seasons of play for all teams and after you return from one or more seasons off.

These items, along with other uniform accessories, are available in our online store. As you will see in the store, you are able to purchase a complete uniform set which includes: two button down jerseys or two alternate color jerseys with pre-designated number, baseball pants, belt, socks, and cap. Cleated shoes must be worn and provided by you (rubber, plastic, metal are all acceptable).

All Ponce players in each age division have the same uniform package although jerseys and pants color differ. Different jerseys will be worn if home or away, as shown on your game schedule. Bring both jerseys to your games to be safe.