League Age Requirements

How old do I have to be to play?
You must be 30 or over to play. There is no upper age limit. We have a separate 30+ and 48+ age divisions. Age Requirements–You must be 30 by the end of the year to play. All NEW players who are 48 years old MUST play in the 48+ division. (PLEASE NOTE: You must be age 36 or older to pitch. This rule cuts down the velocity on pitches and gives everyone the opportunity to hit the ball.)

General League Information

Are there league standings?
There are no league standings. We have single elimination playoffs in spring and fall on seeded basis.

Will innings and time limits be standardized?
Games are scheduled for 9 innings. No new innings will start after 2 hours and 45 minutes from the scheduled starting time. Maximum time limit of 3 hours.

Are there team practices?
There are no (organized) team practices. If your team wishes to practice, your team will make those arrangements internally.

How many games are played per week?
One game is played per week, usually on Sundays, occasionally on Saturdays.

Will I ever have to sit out?
No one sits out more than one consecutive defensive inning unless they choose to do so. (This permits everyone to play and not sit on the bench if their skills are not as good as others).

Who provides the equipment?
The league provides a field representative at every game. This individual sees to it that all equipment is at the field. We always have umpires present who are aware of our special rules and insure that the game runs fairly and smoothly.

How will teams be arranged?
All teams will be designated either Maryland or Virginia, 30+ or 48+. This designation will result in the team playing the majority of their games in the designated state. Teams will be placed in divisions within their respective age groups at a talent level that will provide them with the most competitive and fun experience.

I haven’t played ball since ______ (fill in the blank!), will I stick out like a sore thumb?
We don’t think so, but judge for yourself. Come to our new player workout, scheduled two weeks prior to the start of the season (check out our “events” tab for more current info).

Team Assignment

How will I find out what team I am on?
You will either be contacted directly by us, or via your team manager after you have been assigned to a team. If you have registered and have not been contacted by a team manager after several weeks, please contact us (poncebaseball@gmail.com). Please note: while Ponce attempts to accommodate special team requests, due to the number of requests received and limited number of slots available per team, special team requests can not all be honored. Therefore, specific team placement is not guaranteed.

Special Requests – Team Assignment

How will special requests for team assignments and/or particular jersey numbers be handled?
All enrolled players will be placed on a team in the state they request. Pitchers and catchers will be spread among the various teams to create balanced teams. Teams will be placed in divisions within their respective age groups at a talent level that will provide them with the most competitive and fun experience. Requests will be accommodated as much as possible. Teams have a maximum of 15 players. It is your responsibility to register prior to the deadline, in order to insure yourself a roster space. While we make every effort to accommodate special requests, there is no guarantee you will get placed on a specific team. We do not give out particular jersey numbers. Please understand there are hundreds of players and it is not possible to accommodate everyone’s personal requests. However, the earlier you register, the more likely it is your request will be granted.

Game–Scheduling and Other Information

How will I be informed of the game schedule, and when?
The first week’s game schedule will be posted on our website shortly before the first game (approximately two to three days). It will also be emailed to all players and managers. Check the website frequently for updates. Due to the possibility of last minute changes to field scheduling, it is recommended you check the website for field updates, frequently and immediately before each game. Game schedules will also be posted here.

How many games will my team play, per season?
All teams are scheduled for 10 games. The first game of the playoffs, in which all teams participate, is scheduled game 11.

How do I determine if a field is playable when it is raining out?
Check our Field Status Page which is frequently updated.

What day of the week will the games be on?
All teams are scheduled to play some of their regular season games on Saturday and the rest on Sunday. All teams, regardless of designation as MD or VA teams, should expect to play some of their games in the other state. Makeup and playoff games will be played on Saturdays and Sundays.

Where will games be held?
The following field locations are what we expect based upon permit requests. We may add or subtract other fields in addition after receipt of our field permits. (Typically: Maryland-Wheaton Regional Park, Cabin John Regional Park, Ridge Road Park, local high school fields. Virginia-Nottoway Park, Poplar Tree Park, South Run Park, local high school fields.)

What times will games be held?
Game times vary throughout the day on scheduled days of play. Please be at your game at least 15 minutes before the official start time. Please be certain to let your captain know early in the week if you will not be able to attend your game.

Is each game umpired?
Yes, all games are umpired. Please call John with Ponce at (703) 835-6701 or email poncebaseball@gmail.com, to join our umpire staff. Umpiring can be fun, satisfying and economically rewarding.

Is there an end of season tournament?
Each team will participate in a single elimination tournament at the end of the season. Teams will be paired at random and not on the basis of regular season records. The league will break up the playoffs into different divisions in order to create more equal competition among teams. Prizes will be awarded to the winning team in each playoff division.

Other Questions

I have other questions.
See our Rules, Guidelines and Terms of Service for more information. If your questions are still not answered, feel free to contact us.